In coaching you will not only learn how to develop and enhance knowledge and skills , but also how to gain access to your own resources. This will increase your efficiency and help you to achieve your objectives. You may want to further explore and work on the subject of personal development, self-confidence, or inner serenity.

Work-related Coaching

Executive Coaching

The executive coaching is aimed at employees in leading positions. It is designed to increase your efficiency and to help you reach your personal, work-related, as well as organizational objectives. more

Expert Coaching

The expert coaching is aimed at employees who are not holding a leading position but who are nevertheless influential in the organization, moving projects ahead due to their special knowledge and skill.

Life Coaching

In addition to the work-related coaching we are offering "life coaching" which focuses on your personal life situation.

Life coaching seeks to enhance quality of life. It addresses subjects such as personal development, life balance, defining and pursuing personal goals, mindfulness training, the endowment of life with meaning, motivation, etc.


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