Change of employer

A change of employer may present a new opportunity as well as new challenges for you and your employer alike. During the application period, you may perceive yourself as the perfect match for the company as far as interests and expectations are concerned. It isn't until later, when you are actually immersed into the day to day performance that you will know whether you are indeed a perfect fit, or whether you will need to work out differences.

Differences in perception and expectation are quite normal and occur often. A supportive coach can help protect either party's tangible and intangible investments made into the organization.

As part of the coaching you will have the opportunity to address subjects related to the change of employer in a confidential setting. Tensions or challenges at the new work place can easily spill over into your private life. The new position may require working overtime initially, which may affect your family life. Children may have problems finding new friends or adapting to a new school. Your spouse may have difficulties finding a new job.

Common topics covered in coaching are

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Your first leadership position

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Executive Coaching

Achieve your professional goals, develop your talents and skills, and learn not to over–exert yourself.

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Expert Coaching

Learn how to inspire people, move things ahead and make things happen – even if you cannot exercise any managerial authority over your co–workers.

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