Transfer to Germany

This particular coaching is aimed at individuals who are relocating to Germany from abroad with the intention to work or study here.

These individuals and their families are facing organizational challenges (such as obtaining a work permit, home search or school search) as well as psychological challenges, which usually manifest gradually over time.

Unfortunately, international assignments are often terminated prematurely due to psychological problems (such as adjustment disorders) experienced by employees or their family members.

Expatriates showing first symptoms of distress are advised to get coaching in order to prevent future psychological problems which call for treatment. Adjustment Disorder: learn more

Abb. 1: Possible causes of psychological strain

Relocation to Germany
from abroad


  • Employee and family need to adjust to a different culture
  • Employee needs to adjust to a new management culture
  • Employee may face frustration and disillusionment at work
  • Employee and family are experiencing a loss of a social network and need to build a new one at the new location
  • Spouse of employee may mourn loss of job due to relocation
  • Children of foreign employees may experience difficulties adjusting to a new educational system
  • Employee and family need to readjust to the native country. This may turn out to be challenging after a longer stay abroad
  • Employee may face frustration and disillusionment at work
  • Employee may feel that his/her stay abroad and the experiences that go with it are not being appreciated by their superiors or coworkers
  • Employee and family may have difficulties in reconnecting with former friends and acquaintances
  • Employee and family might have to adjust to a more moderate lifestyle upon repatriating, as they lose eligibility to expatriation allowances
  • Children may experience difficulties adapting to the educational system in their native country after a stay abroad

More about this subject

The current global business environment is becoming increasingly complex. In addition to education and skill, employers are looking for flexibility and a willingness to relocate in their employees. International assignments are on the rise.

Employers like to see their employees ready to work at the new destination as soon as possible. Therefore many of them will support with local relocation services, which will help with immigration, home search, kindergarden or school search. Having somebody take care of these organizational tasks is a great relief for the expatriates.

Psychological support however is often lacking. A relocation to a different country can be quite stressful for all family members involved, as they are being asked to adapt to a new life style, a new culture, a new language and many new demands.

It is an interesting fact that when international assignments are being terminated prematurely by the employee, it is usually not because he/she is unhappy with the new job situation. It is rather because the employee or members of his/her family are having problems to adjust to their new living environment. We strongly believe that psychological support is not only needed in order to support the employee and his/her family with integration but also to possibly avoid costly premature termination of assignments.

As coaches and alternative health practitioners (psychotherapy) we would like to support you with coping with the emotional challenges of a relocation / repatriation. Short–term adaption reactions, can be alleviated by means of an expatriate coaching.

Once those adaption reactions persist and reach a severity that call for a necessity of treatment, they are called adjustment disorder (depressive reaction or reactive depression according to the reclassification of psychological disorders by the diagnostic criteria ICD 10). If needed, we will collaborate with your primary care physician. learn more

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Adjustment Disorder as Part of an International Relocation

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