First / New managerial position in a company

A promotion to a leading position in a company is initially perceived as being a wonderful personal achievement. Why would there be any reason to consider taking part in coaching?

A promotion usually goes hand in hand with change. This change is occurring on a factual level (level of objective interests) as well as a relational level which is usually being underestimated in its impact (we are being asked to cope with that change.)

Our coaching will provide you with a safe place where to prepare for your new position, or by supporting you when you have already experienced initial challenges with the new leading position.

Typical topics in relation to the subject "promotion" are

Ability/Competency perceived by oneself. Imagining what it may be like to hold a leading position during the application period may turn out to be quite different from actually having to execute and perform the duties that come with the new job description. Frequent questions even asked by self-confident clients are: "Will I succeed? Will I be able to fill this demanding position?". If these questions are not addressed properly, they can lead to feeling uncertain and tense in the new position. In coaching you'll become aware of your own resources and expertise. If you discover that needed skills are lacking, you will learn how to develop those efficiently.

Coping with change in the work environment due to promotion. A promotion to a leading position will inevitably alter your role within the company as well as the relationship to previous co-workers and future peers. Coaching will prepare you for your new position by examining possible implications your new position might have on a relational basis.

Common topics covered in coaching are:

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