International Personnel Transfer

Individuals who are relocating to Germany from abroad with the intention to work or study here often perceive the need to adapt to a new environment and living conditions as psychological strain.
This may lead to short–term adaption reactions, which can be alleviated by means of an expatriate coaching see here.

When those adaption reactions persist and reach a severity that call for a necessity of treatment, they are called adjustment disorder (depressive reaction or reactive depression according to the reclassification of psychological disorders by the diagnostic criteria ICD 10). Adjustment disorders may be triggered by any dramatic change in life style such as:

Symptoms of an adjustment disorder can be:

The adaption reaction is a short to medium term response. Although it may pass on its own, it could be helpful to get psychological assistance.

We are supporting our clients with stress reduction techniques and problem solving strategies. We use psycho-education, promoting insight into cause and effect of the current problem. We assist with the activation of our clients personal resources.

Counseling and Psychotherapy

[ Psychotherapy according to the alternative health practitioner legislation (Heilpraktikergesetz) ]

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