I have been working as a management / organization consultant and coach for many years, before I have moved to Berlin in 2001. To this day I have mostly accompanied change management processes.

Over the years I focused increasingly on the client himself/herself and the complex personal and organizational interrelationships. I came to the realization that the boundaries between coaching and therapy are often fluent. This is when I decided to further my education in psychotherapy. I became an alternative health practitioner (psychotherapy) according to the alternative health practitioner legislation (Heilpraktikergesetz), allowing me to practice in the field of psychotherapy.

Professional Experience


Treatment Methods

Consulting and Coaching

Languages used in training and therapy

Jochen Althoff,   Dipl.-Kfm.
Non-medical Pracitioner in Psychotherapy,
Organizational Consultant and Coach

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030 – 644 935 76 Practice[at]PsyCoaTherapy.com Deutsch  

Find support during a personal crisis. Develop new ways to leading a self–directed, autonomous life.

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Executive Coaching

Achieve your professional goals, develop your talents and skills, and learn not to over–exert yourself.

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Expert Coaching

Learn how to inspire people, move things ahead and make things happen – even if you cannot exercise any managerial authority over your co–workers.

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Program of Courses

Currently courses and seminars in English are only available on demand.

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