Having lived abroad for 20 years (U.S. and U.K.) gives me a unique under­stan­ding of intercultural sensitivity and the challenges anyone faces moving to a different country.

In fact, returning to my native country Germany in 2009 turned out to be quite a challenge for me. Everything had changed in my absence - nothing felt like "home" to me. I rediscovered my new environment with big eyes, like a kid in a candy store.

Nobody had any idea just how much I actually struggled to adapt- as I speak German fluently. I sound just like one of the natives, but my changed personality did not seem to fit in. Language and currency for instance had changed in my absence and of course, I could not join into too many conversations as I had no idea about popular TV shows, or plays etc..

I felt lost. I could just imagine what it must be like for anybody to come here from a different country, without necessary language skills, intending to study or work. Then, I had the wonderful opportunity to work for a relocation company, organizing international employee transfers. With increasing global mobility, more companies are expecting their employees to be open to relocation.

I was able to fully understand the fears, challenges, and needs of those expatriates and their families. My communication skills in German and English alike came in handy. While companies usually support their new employees well with home search, or immigration, I felt that the much needed emotional and psychological support was somewhat lacking. I went on to receive training in psychotherapy (according to the alternative health practitioner legislation), cognitive behavior therapy as well as EMDR, with the intent to support those in need.

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Martina Voeller,   B.A.
Non-medical Pracitioner in Psychotherapy
and Coach

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